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Updated June 3, 2003  07:15 p.m.

Board VP Strikes Back Squanders Public Money Dares FNYN To Publish Delusional E-mail
June 2, 2003, Freeport NY
reeport School Board Vice President, Dr. Joe Cattano, aimed a mean spirited and venomous attack at FreeportNYNews.com Publisher, Stewart Lilker, who is also a candidate for school board. Cattano holds a doctorate in clinical social work and claims to focus his private practice on adolescent behavioral disorders. Cattano, who is known in some circles as Joey Soprano, both for his demeanor and attire, dared FNYN to publish his paranoid and delusional e-mail.
It is the policy of FreeportNYNews to run most contributions unedited, however, we do correct for spelling and grammatical errors .... Dr. Cattano's views have always been welcome. In the past, we have at times edited Dr. Cattano's contributions, or waited until he cooled down and he withdrew them himself. This time, Dr. Cattano, who is the Board VP and is actively campaigning for Board President, Sunday Coward, is having his contribution printed in its entirety. Editor
Freeport Paper Hits New Low
Tampers With Election News To Protect Income

May 31, 2003, Freeport NY

Leader editor Paul Laursen. FNYN file photo

On May 29, 2003, the Official paper of the Village of Freeport and the Freeport School District, the Leader, hit a new low with its coverage of the upcoming Freeport School Board election and Budget Vote.

In a Leader editorial, dated May 29, the Leader states, "... our readers have the important civic duty to find out about the candidates and issues and vote."

In the same Leader issue, Editor of the Leader, Paul Laursen, refused to run Board Candidate Stewart Lilker's answers to questions submitted to him by the paper.



Election Day is Tuesday, June 3

You don't count if you don't vote.

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Banter Board
Freeporters At Risk
Time To Get Tough

March 1, 2003

News flash, it's not a bunch of fourth graders that are driving around Freeport's streets blowing people away by shooting tem in the face. It is a bunch of adults and the police should be on the street, where they belong, along with Freeport's bloated command staff.

Freeport Superintendent Gives Building Administrators In School Detention
Feb, 28 2002
n what has clearly become one of the most absurd and mindless wastes of manpower ever instituted in any school district, Freeport's Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Eric Eversley, continues giving his building administrators in school detention.

Freeport School Board Stabs Residents In Back
Superintendents Get 30% Raises As Residents Sleep

Freeport NY, Feb 12, 2003 (Posted Feb 22)
he saga of one of Long Island's most inept and unresponsive school districts continued on February 12, 2003, as the "Helter Skelter" Board of Education made a midnight run and just moments before midnight, passed monumental raises for the district's two Assistant Superintendents as the community slept.

Freeport Students Speak About Gangs
Freeport's Bosses Clam Up

Freeport NY, December 13, 2002 (Posted Dec 17)
ofstra Journalism student, Andre Akamine was ignorant about the gang problem in the Freeport schools until he came across the FreeportNYNews story, Freeport Superintendent In Ozone A "Sign of the Times", a story about the gang
Where's The Good News?
Feb 28, 2003
This week Thomas Butler of Freeport wrote: I was just curious after reading your article about the recent board meeting where the good news was.

Gangs Are Real
Feb 28, 2003, by Joe Cattano
Dear Mr. Helfrich, I am an elected official. I take exception to your commentary that "all" of Freeport's public officials say that we don't have gang violence in Freeport. That is absolutely incorrect.

Glacken Park
The Blood Runs Red

February 14, 2003 (Posted Feb 22)
n FNYN Photo Feature

Freeport Gangs
Just a Figment of My Imagination?

February 22, 2003
Opinion by John Helfrich

Tuesday night, February 11th, I must have had a hallucination ... I thought I heard five gunshots across the street from my house. My first instinct was to blame it on a car backfire. But wait, a car doesn't backfire with that consistency. So, I did what I was trained to do. I hit the floor.


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