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May 11, 2000
by Stewart Lilker

Go to the Better Plan

When the Board's bond proposition failed, I told Mr. Grover and the rest of the school board that it was a bad plan that didn’t address the needs of the district or the students, otherwise it would have passed. Mr. Grover responded, saying, "If you can come up with a better plan, why don’t you?" I told him that I don’t want to come up with a plan myself, but I would be more than willing to sit down with a group of concerned, dedicated, and talented community members and the board to help them devise a plan that would be acceptable and benefit everyone. Board VP Al Renken, the real leader of the board, said, "We don’t want your help."

The Better Plan Committee (BPC) was formed to develop an alternative plan. As the Board had developed most of the financial numbers, the (BPC) did nothing more that redistribute them. The BPC added full day kindergarten, something that the board has refused to do, elevators, and the health and safety related items that the Board had removed. The BPC truly thinks that this is a Better Plan and the Committee asks you to examine it carefully, before you vote on May 16th.

The BPC members are all concerned and dedicated community members. Like the Board of Education, the committee has five members. Unlike the Board of Education, the BPC is a diverse group with diverse views that represents all corners of the community. They are:

• Stephanie Cieslik - Co-president of the High School PTA and parent.
• Eloy Yndigoyen - Professional educator, guidance counselor, director of the Freeport Neighborhood Association and parent.
• X X ( A dedicated BPC member has asked to remain anonymous).
• Sunday Coward - Professional educator, doctorial candidate, school board candidate and parent.
• Stewart Lilker - Business man; former mayoral candidate and founder of FreeportNYNews.com


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