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Freeport Community Development Agency Watches Grass Grow
Unable To Sell Grazing Rights

Tall Grass At Freeport CDA

Outside CDA owned Freeport Hospital in the tall grass is 4 year old Stephanie. 

Posted May 4, 2000
One local resident told FNYN, "If this was my yard they probably would have locked me up," referring to the Village Building Department. Another said, "I see them (the Village) drive by here everyday, what are they, blind."

As the grass grew at Freeport Community Development's (CDA) Freeport Hospital, located on S. Ocean Avenue, nobody from the Village government could see it grow. Mayor Glacken, who has announced to the residents that he is always driving or walking around the village, apparently hadn't been on S. Ocean Avenue for months. One of the Mayor's brother's in law, CDA and Village Attorney, Harrison Edwards, has his office right down the street from Freeport Hospital. His big black Cadillac has been spotted many times in the area. The Mayor's other brother in law, chief of staff, Ray Straub, lives only blocks from the Hospital and has been seen many times in the Seven/Eleven buying coffee. Even Pat Murphy, the Village PR person, has been observed in the area. For some unexplained reason, the grass was invisible to all of them, even though some of the sprouts were fourteen inches high.
by Stew LILKER


The view of Freeport CDA owned Freeport Hospital from South Ocean Avenue. The tall luxuriant grass is clearly visible for all to see on their way back from Freeport's newly renovated Nautical Mile. Photographed on May 1, 2000


Freeport Hospital viewed from the Seven/Eleven on Southside and Guy Lombardo Avenue. The lawn is clearly ready for the arrival of grazing cattle.


Apparently, unable to find any ranchers willing to buy the grazing rights of the hospital grounds, thus denying the highest priced Village Attorney in the Western world more billable hours, the Freeport CDA decided to mow the lawn on Tuesday, May 2, 2000


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