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Official Newspaper the miss-Leader
December 29, 2001
In a continuing effort to maintain income from legal notices, the Freeport Leader, the official Newspaper of the Village Fathers, continues to act more like the old Russian Pravda than the dispenser of real news.

On This Day Of Remembrance & Prayer
September 14, 2001
On behalf of the people who contribute to FreeportNYNews.com and the many readers who have e-mailed us with their thoughts and feelings, it is clear that as we all participate in this day of national mourning and remembrance, the loss and meaning that we have all experienced is beyond any words.

The Day After
September 12, 2001

FNYN Endorses Suozzi
September 7, 2001
In the race for the democratic nomination for Nassau County Executive

Newsday Reporter MIA
July 11, 2001
By all standards, the story was a good story. A conservative republican village mayor and board of trustees secretly deciding to demolish the community’s free public swimming pools. A mayor,

FNYN Endorses Sunday Coward For School Board
May 14, 2000
This year the district residents are given a real choice between the two candidates.

Budget 2000/2001  
May 14, 2000
Since 1995 the Freeport school district has spent three hundred and sixty three million dollars.

The Freeport Memorial Library Budget
May 12, 2000
The Freeport Memorial Library is the Jewel of Freeport. On May 16th vote "yes" for the Library Budget.

It Is A Foolish Plan Brought to You By People You Can’t Trust.
March 14, 2000

They saw nothing wrong with paying for speeding tickets with your money. Now they want you to trust them with 40,000,000 dollars.

100 % Handicapped Accessibility, Now Dec 25, 1999
It is an outrage that the school district is planning to float a 40 million dollar bond issue and at the same time not see that all the district's buildings are 100 per cent handicapped accessible. No one that
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Opinion by John Helfrich

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Columnist Bob Cardinale, Jr.

Columns by Bob Cardinale, Jr.

Mr. Cardinale is a member of the Zoning Board and a geologist.

Letters 1999 to 2001

bulletDon't Wait Till It's Too Late
July 21, 2001

We need drug busting, gang busting police services, not the Taj Mahal of water slides. We need well staffed programs and better policing 
bulletHas Anybody Seen Our Cat?
July 18, 2001
Recently, we received a message from the Village of Freeport, telling us that we were in violation of an ordinance.
bulletLook At The Real Statistics
April 23, 2001
The Freeport School District and certain members of the Board of Education are misrepresenting the facts. It must stop! As
bulletBuilding Dept Not Doing Enough
March 16 2001
I believe in the American right of free speech. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no matter
bulletNazi-like Gestapo Tactics Deplored February 24, 2001
My wife and I, property owners in Freeport, wish to thank you for your role in the recent meetings
bulletWe Need A Change February 24, 2001
There are major academic performance problems in the Freeport school district. These problems
bulletVanishing Breed February 12, 2000
Mr. Lilker, regarding your article, "Mayor Glacken Can Run But He Can't Hide," in which 
bulletFinally, Reassessment March 31, 2000
After sixty-two years of resisting changes to Nassau’s antiquated property assessment system, 
bulletRestoring Cuts March 26, 2000
County Legis. Joe Scannell asks for your help.
bulletWe Must Get Our School Going Again March 24, 2000
I must admit am somewhat stunned at this major defeat of the school bond referendum. The vote 
bulletSchool Bond•Surprised?!  March 20, 2000
Even though I am the Freeport High School PTA Co-President, Site-Based Team member, Sports
bullet Baby Needs Bone Marrow TransplantMarch 5, 2000
From me and my family, we are forever grateful to you and the Freeport community for your 

bullet A Student SpeaksFeb 20, 2000
I am a student at Freeport High School. Since interim Principal, Dr. Northover, has entered the 
bulletSchool Board Coverage June 29, 1999
NEWSDAY is to be commended for conscientiously writing about the opposition to the 

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