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September 28, 2000

Interim Superintendent Nydick Gets High Marks.

by Stewart Lilker

In what has clearly been a breath of fresh air in the district, Interim District Superintendent David Nydick has been given high marks by everybody with whom your reporter has spoken. Seen here taking notes at his first meeting on September 6th, Nydick has impressed everyone with his upbeat and cheery personality, along with his open mindedness and desire to learn more about the district. Unlike the districtís past Supt. Moffett, Nydick has an open door policy and goes out of his way to meet with staff, parents and members of the community. Some weeks ago he told your reporter, "If you have a question, just give me a call and ask. If I donít know the answer, Iíll find out and get back to you."

The districtís highly respected and newly resigned Magnet School Coordinator, Fern Eisengrub, said, "You have to look at the bright side, we have a new superintendent whoís really great (and a principal at the high school who is really making a difference)." [FNYN will cover the districtís loss of Ms. Eisengrub in a future column].

Former High School PTA Co-president Stephanie Cieslik also gives the Superintendent high marks. "Everybody really has good things to say about this guy. What a great change."

Eloy Yndigoyen, former school board candidate and Latino community leader told FNYN, "It sounds to me like he [Nydick] wants to learn about the community."

Nydickís experience as superintendent in Jericho, one of the highest performing districts in the county, should bode well for the children of the Freeport School District. For years this district has freefalled, finally to end up at or near the bottom of the barrel, while the Board (all), administrators and staff (not all) and particularly the union president, Lillian Gutman, have watched, as this predominantly minority district has expected less than the best from its students, while making excuse after excuse why these children canít perform. Both the Village and the District have paid dearly as a result.

Nydick, who is an officially retired superintendent, doesnít need this job, isnít looking for another job, doesnít have to impress anybody, and hopefully will pack his bags if this Board stands in his way of uplifting this district and its students. FNYN asks you to support this interim superintendent by coming to the school board meetings and letting him and your neighbors know what is on you mind. This superintendent, the first real superintendent in this district since Dr. Bonen, has the tools to get the job done, wants to hear from you, and genuinely seems to care. Now the ballís in your court.-- Publisher/Editor (and resident) - Lilker


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