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May 18, 2001

Students Threatened • Parents Furious • Board Silent 

by Stewart Lilker

After two days of intensive police patrols, Freeport High School returned to normal Friday afternoon .

Earlier this week, Freeport High School was once again the object of a threat that left the district scrambling for a response, while keeping most of the public in the dark. According to one of the students interviewed by FNYN, this threat was found on a classroom desk on Tuesday, May 15th. This was also the day of the district wide election.

Barbara (not her real name) a student at the high school, told FNYN, "I didn’t see the desk, but I heard there was a swastika on it, with a note that read ‘Some to live and some to die.’" Barbara continued, "It said something about the deadline being the 17th, which was supposed to be the day of the McVeigh execution."

On May 15th, Tuesday night’s Board meeting was attended by over a hundred district residents. In attendance was the Superintendent and the Board of Education. Incredibly, not one word was mentioned about this threat.

On Wednesday morning, May 16th, a letter explaining this threat was given to some of the high school students to bring home to their parents.

One parent, who attended Tuesday’s Board meeting, told FNYN, "I never would have found out about this if I didn’t receive a call from another parent. My daughter didn’t bring any letter home." The parent continued, "These people have some nerve. They should have announced this at the school board meeting the other night. My daughter didn’t get the letter till this morning [Thursday, the 17th]. I should have known about this."

The threat was taken seriously by many of the parents, who managed to find out about it, as it is estimated that there were over a thousand students absent from the school on Wednesday.

FNYN asked Barbara when she received the letter. They gave it to me today [Thursday, May 17th]. There were only four students in my English class and eight in History."

On both Wednesday May 16th and Thursday May 17th the police presence around the High School was omnipresent.

The school district web site, which the Board claims is one of the prime means of communication with the parents and the community, didn’t mention one word about this threat.



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