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M. Lottie Taylor-Northover, Ed.D.
8356 Mareva Lane
Sarasota, Florida 34241

EIN Number 650-89-9598



Freeport Public School District
Freeport, Long Island 11520



Dr. M. Lottie Taylor-Northover will serve in a leadership role as the Interim Principal at the Freeport Public High School (FPHS). She will work in concert with the Superintendent of Schools, District office staff, Freeport Board of Education, community and school stakeholders to provide for the structure, implementation and re-establishment of an educational environment resulting in improved student outcomes.




Dr. Northover will provide the leadership and or technical assistance necessary to accomplish the following during the 1999-2000 academic year to include but not limited to:

1. Student Programming (July and August)
bulletStudent scheduling for the Fall and Spring terms
bulletExtending student school day to include additional academic classes
bulletElimination of "Study Halls"
bulletMaximum utilization of the lunch periods (requires ordering or lunchroom tables and attached benches)
bulletReview of open campus policy for 9th and 10th graders
bulletPossible increase to four lunch periods from existing three
bulletTeacher overlap schedules -- A, B, & C schedule to cover contractual agreement seven hours per day

2. School Safety and Discipline

•Review and upgrade Code of Discipline for Fall

bulletIdentify primary entrance, exit doors to building (all other exits establish as fire safety exits with fire alarms and photo cameras inserted for view of trespassers, who will be subject to highest penalty by law)
bulletEstablish security desk for all visitors for ID verification and site redirection
bulletRetraining of security and hall patrols
bulletReview and implement school safety plans
bulletMeeting with Police Department Baldwin/Freeport to develop in school/out of school program for student expectation/Community Service
bulletColor code grade program cards -- by lunch periods -- for exit/entrance to building
bulletID/Program all students


3. Academic Programs

• Prioritize academic required subjects vs. non-academic subjects
• Student electives
• Alignment curriculum with NYS standards, daily guides resources to be updated
• Attendance/Review/Implementation
• Parental notification
• Computerize home calls to parents
• Staff development programs during and after school to include observations and evaluations; curriculum technology inclusion
• Clarification of duties of APs as instructional leaders:


--templates for teachers
--development of assignments for projects related to curriculumenrichment
--student/teacher/parent subject contracts


• Review and implementation of Building wide Special Education Inclusion Model and Alignment with District and State standards
•3-Day Orientation program for incoming 9th graders


4. Building Maintenance


• Exhibits of student work, decoration and cleanliness

• Building repairs

• Technology/computer hook-ups/all classrooms/internet

• Senior lounge area (identification and creation of)

5. Parking Area

• Designation of staff, student and visitor parking areas

6. Parents


• Meetings to establish parental priorities (room for parent association, secretarial help to send out notices to aid parents, plan events for student support, improve cafeteria, senior lounge, senior trips and sports events)

7. Plan Opening Day Staff Development Activities




District personnel and others will receive progress reports on the results of restructuring/organizational and academic redirection. Dr. Northover, will follow District guidelines, plans and directives in implementation of all program activities. On-going consultation with the Superintendent will serve to inform all key personnel of progress.


The updating of the Freeport Public High School District web site will include information on restructuring of program and its progress.


Primary indicators during the first year of restructuring may not necessarily reflect an upward trend due to higher standards that may be established. The second and third year generally (according to research and experience) reflect an upward trend of student academic success.


The improvement in building tone, student attendance, decrease in student suspensions, curriculum enrichment, staff development, parental involvement, technology inclusion, special education inclusion, student scheduling, student/staff support systems (i.e. guidance services) are all areas that will be reflected in student success. Ultimately, the quality of services will be judged by the degree of academic, social and emotional success of the students.




The amount of service deliverable, effective July 1, 1999 through June 30, 2000 will parallel the school work schedule for building administrators. The services will occur mainly on site at the Freeport Public High School.


The participating students, parents and staff of FPHS who will be served within the framework of this contract constitute a student body of 2000.


Dr. Northover will be paid at a rate of $120,000.00 per year.


Dated: June 10, 1999 (ed)




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