Information from the 1999-2002 Magnet Schools grant prepared by the Freeport School District

"Data supplied by the Freeport Police Department, Freeport High School, and Freeport Youth Outreach, a community based organization serving minority youths, further indicate that between one-third and one-half of Freeportís secondary school students are involved at some level with drugs or alcohol, and with gangs. Although five gangs are known to operate in Freeport, MS 13, a violent and well-organized Latino gang, has stepped up its recruitment of members targeting, in particular, new immigrant youth whose needs mount unfulfilled within the family, school, and community. Freeport exceeds Nassau County both in the percentage of violent crime, 19.5% per 1,000, and in arrest figures for youth under the age of twenty-one. Of 714 suspensions at the high school during 1997-98. 512 were for violence-related incidents, disruptive or other mal-adaptive social behavior, or drug use. Moreover, Dodd Junior High School has been cited as a Targeted Assistance Program (TAP) by the New York State Education Department for declining academic achievement, and fewer than one-half of the students at Freeport High School graduate with Regents diplomas. Freeport has been identified as among the top thirty-seven districts in New York State in Extraordinary Need, with a large and growing portion of the student population at extremely high risk. These conditions are becoming deterrents even to parents who themselves were raised in Freeport, attended Freeport schools, and have been among the staunchest supporters of the district."

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