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June 2, 2003

It is the policy of FreeportNYNews to run most contributions unedited, however, we do correct for spelling and grammatical errors, and edit for space requirements. Dr. Cattano's views have always been welcome. In the past, we have at times edited Dr. Cattano's contributions, or waited until he cooled down and he withdrew them himself. This time, Dr. Cattano, who is the Board VP and is actively campaigning for Board President, Sunday Coward, will have his contribution printed in its entirety. Editor

Dr. Cattano's E-mail

Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 20:22:10 EDT
Subject: No Subject

"Junkets" Mr. Lilker.  What "junkets"?  Are you referring to the conferences that approximately 5000 other school board members thought was important to attend.  Of course, they do not have the benefit of a community "oracle" such as yourself to guide them.  Therefore, they must seek the widsom and knowledge of others, as you do no not.  If you did not have something negative to say about someone or something, you would have no reason to exist.  That comment is disgraceful, as I gave up professional hours to fulfill my responsbilities and desire to know what is transpiring in the educational community.  Election rubbish, and you know it.  Let us see how much "courage" you have to print my retort BEFORE election day.  You lack COURAGE. CONVICTION, and CONSCIENCE.  I will make note of the fact that you did not put this retort on your board in a timely manner -- if you elect not do so.  You love to aggrandize yourself at the expense of others.

Dr. Cattano

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