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2002 Index
Freeport Village

"Not In Their Neighborhoods"
FNYN Follow Up, Dec 17, 2002
Francine Figgs, a life long Freeport resident, told FNYN that she was glad the village finally removed the stripped car that had been parked on her street for months. Ms. Figgs said, "The stuff started coming off the car as soon as it was

"Not In Their Neighborhoods"
October 25, 2002
he Glackenites have once again turned their back on an African American neighborhood, as they have left an abandoned car on down trodden Helen Avenue for what one resident claimed was about two months.

Ku Klux Klan Act
Forces Glackenites Into Federal Court

Freeport NY, October 25, 2002
fter years of abuse by the Glackenites, NYS Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer has brought suit in Federal Court, charging the Village of Freeport with violating the civil rights of residents guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

Commissioner of Human Rights Sacked
October 25, 2002
For a short time she was the sweetheart of the community, but her anti Latino sentiment and her disregard of the needs of Freeport's communities became obvious to those who watched her in action.

WATTS Up For Freeport Electric
September 20, 2002
The Freeport community can look back with satisfaction and relief for its reduced use of energy during recent heat waves and seasonal periods of peak demand. Although Freeport residences and businesses, like those across Long Island and throughout the NY metro

Woodmen Salute Americaís Heroes
Freeport NY Sept 11, 2002 (Posted Sept 19)

Glackenites Deceive Public
Quarter Million Squandered

Freeport NY, Sept 11, 2002
(Posted Sept. 14, 2002)
On Monday night, September 9, 2002, Freeportís Mayor, William F. Glacken and the rest of his Glackenite Board, once again tried to deceive the Freeport taxpayers... Mob/Village Attorney Edwards, in an effort to sneak the $600,000 settlement past the taxpayers, disingenuously listed the item as the, "payment of certain judgments and claims," while the Glackenites knew full well that the $600,000 was for the payment of injuries due to a smash up of a village vehicle into the back of a parked car.

It's A Miracle Almost
Glackenites Install Signs

September 3, 2002
Since we ran that story, motorists parking in municipal lot number 16, by the library, and municipal lot 10, on Ocean Avenue, if they look skyward, will now find signs with the hours for metered parking defined.

Newsday Reporter Withholds Facts - Steals Words
August 24, 2002
ong Islandís only major daily newspaper, Newsday, which is generally answerable to nobody, reached another low when its immigration reporter, Bart Jones stole somebody elseís words and withheld information from the public.

Day Laborers Bring Public To Freeport Village Hall
Freeport NY, August 19, 2002 (Posted Aug. 24)
reeport Village Hall was almost a full house as residents came to voice their opinions on the village funded shape up site and its contribution to Catholic Charities. The poor acoustics, which Freeport's secretive Mayor Glacken and his Glackenite Board have refused to fix kept many from fully hearing the proceedings.

Unsuspecting Motorists Bushwhacked By Mayor
August 16, 2002

Freeportís Mayor, William F. Glacken, in his quest to fill the ever emptying village coffers, has chosen not to erect signs in the villageís deteriorating municipal parking lots

Freeport Mayor Gags Latino Day Workers
Shape Up Site To Open Soon

August 12, 2002
After years of congregating in the parking lots at the Freeport train station and years of complaints from the public, the Latino day workers seem on the verge of finally getting a shape up site that is safe and

Groundwater Contamination Not Checked
July 27, 2002 Freeport NY
The groundwater at this location is only about 10ft below ground surface and flows in a southerly direction, making the new homes, and others, directly in the path of any groundwater contamination coming from the abandoned gas station, located along the backyard of these homes. 

Rally Set For Sunday
NY Farmworkers Seek Justice

July 24, 2002
Farmworkers and their allies, fed up with the New York State Senateís continued indifference to the unjust treatment of farm workers, announced their first Long Island Action. The event, sponsored by the

Miracles Happen -- Almost
July 24, 2002 Freeport NY

After months of uninhibited growth ...

Freeport Mayor Ignores Mess
Travel Is Hazardous For Some

July 16, 2002
At every opportunity, Freeportís Mayor William F. Glacken sings the praises of Freeportís famous Nautical mile, while at the same time ignoring the mess that people have to drive through in order to get there.

Village Finalizing Day Worker Shape Up Site
June 29, 2002

The secretive Glackenites have ignored Glen Coveís La Fuerza, Long Islandís model day worker program and facility, and instead, availed themselves of their long standing affiliation with the Catholic Church and reached out to Catholic Charities to facilitate Freeportís day worker site.

Freeport Litters While NYC Glitters
Freeport  ē The Only Train Station With An Outhouse (part 1)
June 29, 2002
While other communities work tirelessly to present a tidy and groomed picture to the rest of the world, Mayor William F. Glacken and the Glackenite Trustees turn a blind eye to political cronies and the connected, as Freeportís main thoroughfares, Sunrise Highway and Merrick Road look like giant garbage dumps to Freeporters and Long

While NYC Glitters (part 2)
June 29, 2002
Your reporter wondered, after the departure of NY Cityís Rudi Guiliani, if Mayor Bloomberg would be keeping the city as clean as the former mayor.

Memorial Day 2002 ē Freeport NY
May 27, 2002 (Posted May 29th)
While not as large as in years past, Freeportís Memorial Day Parade was well attended ... Unfortunately, neither the parade route, nor its time, was posted on the "Official" Village of Freeport web site, which has deteriorated into not much more than a self aggrandizing propaganda machine for the Glackenite regime.

In Freeport Money Grows On Trees
May 15, 2002
Freeportís Republican Mayor, William F. Glacken and Republican Board of Trustees have recently come up with another scheme to part the village taxpayers from their tax dollars. In their latest Ponzi like scheme, the village residents are really getting slammed.

Glackenites Bash Freeport Commuters
Freeport NY, May 14, 2002
The Glacken Administration, more concerned with out of town LIRR commuters than its own resident commuters, voted to increase the LIRR parking fee for residents by 14% to

Backroom Shenanigans In Vil Hall
April 26, 2002

When the Board meeting was adjourned, Leggio got the attention of Deputy Village Attorney Howard Colton and asked him what was going on with

Freeport To Give Day Workers Municipal Lot ē Secretive Mayor Keeps Public In Dark
Freeport NY, April 22, 2002
On Monday, April 15, 2001, long time Freeporter and Glacken supporter, Georgia Prunty, told Mayor Glacken and the Board, "... I love you ... The reason Iím here, and I would rather not be here, is the proposed illegal alien hiring site." 

Pravda Comes To Freeport
April 12, 2002
Whatís next? Will Glacken start putting toll booths up at the approaches to Freeport and start his own Freeport Toll Commission?

Glackenites Refuse To Release Appointments To Anyone ... Almost
April 9, 2002 (Posted April 10th)
Organization night, which is held on the first Monday in April, was postponed by Glacken until this week, with the excuse that it was "Easter weekend." The real story was that Glacken gave himself an extended weekend and canceled the meeting.

Freeportís Cancer Causing Diesel Generators Are Dead
April 4, 2002 (Posted April 5th)
The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, knowing that the plant was exceeding the permissible EPA emission limits, was paralyzed by politics

Point & Shoot Takes Best In Show
April 2, 2002
(Posted April 5th)
The Long Island Arts Council At Freeport is holding its Annual Juried Photography Show this month in the main lobby of the Freeport Memorial Library.

Freeport Sends Reporter To "Back Of Bus"
March 8, 2002

On February 11th, unaware of the isolationist tactics of the Glackenites against FNYN, Jim Golding, the reporter from the official newspaper of the Village, the Leader, sat directly behind your reporter at a Village Board meeting, engaging in some small talk.

Mayor Glacken Should Get His Facts Straight

March 8, 2002
In the A Message from the Mayor section of the February 2002 edition of the Freeport Report, Mayor Glacken again demonstrated his lack of knowledge with respect to the Freeport School District.

Glackenites Put Motorcycles Before People
January 28, 2002 (Posted Feb. 2)
Your reporter asked Glacken, "Can you tell me how many miles are on the motorcycles?" Glacken stared blankly into space for a moment and then yelled for help to Deputy Police Chief, Arthur

Glackenites Continue To Sink Residents
January 14, 2002 (Posted Jan. 18)
Freeportís residents sat astounded, while the Glackenites considered spending $229,956 to resurface tennis courts that are locked most of the time and are still serviceable.

Glacken Boosts Taxes 16.2%
Frpt Takes It On the Chin Again

January 5, 2002
As Gov. Pataki, New York Cityís Mayor Bloomberg, and Nassau County Exec. Tom Suozzi have called for freezes, reductions and holding the line,

PSC  Hearing  Wednesday, January 9th ē 7.1% Electric Increase On the Line
January 4, 2002
The New York State Public Service Commission is examining a proposed rate increase request

Ebenezer Scrooge ē A candidate for sainthood
January 4, 2002
Freeport's mayor decided to ignore yet another resident. Mr. Goldstein told FNYN, "Even had he disagreed, some 

2001 Index

The Official Newspaper the miss-Leader
December 29, 2001 (editorial)
In a continuing effort to maintain income from legal notices, the Freeport Leader, the official Newspaper of the Village Fathers, continues to act more like the

A Movie Theater!
What Movie Theater?

December 21, 2001
A little over four years ago I was fresh with enthusiasm. I had worked hard to get the "Glacken Team" elected and was looking forward to leadership that would finally bring about Freeportís long overdue revitalization. At last, I thought,

Mob/Village Attorney Says Whatever He Wants
December 21, 2001
Mob/Village Attorney Harrison J. Edwards may have finally bit off more than he can chew when he lied to NY State Senator Charles Fuschillo.


December 17, 2001
At the conclusion of the December 10, 2001 village board meeting your reporter asked Mayor Glacken if he intended to raise the water rates at the next board meeting. Glacken smiled and said, "What do you think?"

LIPA Chief Meets With Merokees
Glackenites Keep Freeporters In Dark

October 15, 2001
The future of Freeportís Electric Company will be hanging in the balance today as Freeportís Mayor Glacken meets with LIPAís Richard Kessel and State Senator Charles Fuschillo

Mob/Village Attorney Caught Dealing
Local Businessmen Fight  (Part 2)

The Board and Edwards Respond

October 15, 2001
At the conclusion of the meeting, a visitor from Merrick told FNYN, "I can see why nobody shows up here. They donít try to hide their contempt for the public."

Mob/Village Attorney Caught Dealing 
Local Businessmen Fight  (Part 1)
October 13, 2001
Mob/Village attorney, Harrison J. Edwards, whose moniker is the "Prince of Darkness," recently went into secret negotiations with Paul

Freeport Mayor Leaves Residents, Senator In Dark
September 28, 2001
After a summer in which Freeportís Republican Mayor, William Glacken and his all Republican Board of Trustees tried to demolish Freeportís public swimming pools, the Glackenites are up to it again.

Jewish New Year Doesn't Stop Heartless Mayor
September 18, 2001
The Jewish New Year didn't stop Republican Mayor William Glacken from enforcing the

Freeport Out Of Money ē Deputy Mayor Says "We take our time"
September 10, 2001
With the Village out of money and unable to pay vendors for months, the Board finally resolved to seek proposals for the vacant property known Freeport Hospital.

Zoning Board Plays To Full House ē Web TV & KFC Take Center Stage ē Residents Strain To Hear
August 15, 2001
Right from the start of the August 15, 2001 Zoning Board of Appeals hearing, residents and members of the audience were complaining that they couldnít hear what was being said. While

Freeport's Linemen On The Spot
August 9, 2001
A loud explosion was heard by the residents of Lexington and Longbeach Avenues in Freeport,

Drugs Take Center Stage
While Drag Racing Gets Action

August 6, 2001
Complaints about drug dealing in Freeport took center stage at this past Mondayís village board meeting, but drag racing got the action.

"Has Anybody Seen Our Cat?"
July 28, 2001
Most of us are probably aware that it is illegal to post signs on telephone poles in Freeport. But, two things stand out in Mr. Keeneís case of the missing cat.

Don't Wait Till Itís Too Late
Civic Leader Speaks Out

July 21, 2001
We need drug busting, gang busting police services, not the Taj Mahal of water slides.

43 Year Resident Asks
Has Anybody Seen Our Cat?

July 18, 2001

Recently, we  received a  message  from the Village of Freeport, telling us that we were in violation of an ordinance. Our beloved cat

Pools To Open Today
"These Guys Did Some Job"

July 13, 2001
Yesterday morning, Rec Center employees put the finishing touches on the wading pool in N. Freeportís Martin Luther (MLK) King park.

Newsday Reporter MIA
Freeport, NY - July 11, 2001

By all standards, the story was a good story. A conservative republican village mayor and board of trustees secretly deciding to demolish the communityís free public swimming pools. 

Freeporters Refuse To Give Up Fight ē 
Mayor Gives Back Pools
July 3, 2001
Freeport Village Hall had standing room only, as residents came out in force to protest the Boardís secret decision to demolish Freeport's neighborhood swimming pools.

I Will Continue To Pray Until You Let God Into Your Soul
July 2, 2001
I moved here 22 years ago for the ethnic diversity and the many recreational opportunities available for my children. Now, my son is leaving because the Freeport Republican Club has become the same as John Gotti's Bergen Hunt & Fish Club,

The Heat Is On As Legislator Tells Residents "Your Position Is My Position"  June 28, 2001
With the heightening of the summer's temperatures, the impending demolition of Freeportís free public swimming pools is also rising high on everybodyís agenda.

Glackenites Vote To Bulldoze Neighborhood Pools
June 18, 2001

ayor Glacken and the rest of his Republican Board had good reason not to make Monday nightís abbreviated Board meeting agenda public

Nautical Festival A Success
June 3, 2001

he Freeport Nautical Festival, held along the revitalized Nautical mile, was a huge success 

Glacken Sworn In For Second Term
April 2, 2001

illiam F. Glacken and his conservative Republican team of trustees Renier Frierson and

Glackenites Sweep
March 21, 2001
William Glacken and his conservative republican team won big last night in a virtually uncontested village election. At 10:00 p.m., with one election

Building Dept Not Doing Enough
March 16, 2001
I believe in the American right of free speech. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, no matter how silly or inflammatory. I believe that a

Glackenites Saddle Public With More Debt  March 16, 2001
Correction March 6, 2001

Glackenís "Storm Troopers" Out In Force
March 6, 2001
Monday afternoon, with the storm conditions uncertain, Freeportís Mayor Glacken canceled the village board meeting scheduled for later that evening. On Monday and Tuesday in Freeport, the schools were closed and the library closed

Nazi-like Gestapo Tactics Deplored
February 24, 2001

e deplore the Nazi-like Gestapo tactics of the Village of Freeport Housing Department. We deplore the unauthorized invasion of homes on

Vanishing Breed ē 
A Resident Police Officer Speaks Out

February 12, 2000
As Freeport Police Officers have abandoned the community for safer neighborhoods and in order to send their children to safe schools with high standards, one of Freeport's few remaining resident PO's speaks out. Unfortunately, he won't be able to follow his own advice in the coming election, as he is not registered to vote.

Freeport's Mayor Can Run,
But He Can't Hide

January 23, 2001 

new chapter began this past Tuesday evening, January 23d, when members of Freeportís Latino community came out once again in force to protest their shoddy and what they consider discriminatory treatment at the hands of the Republican Glacken administration.

2000 Index

Mayor Maintains Secret Police Contract  Lies To Newsday About Supt. Of Bldgs.
December 4, 2000
The stranglehold on the truth by the Village of Freeport's mob/village attorney, Edwards and his brother in law, the Mayor Bill Glacken, has intensified in the fourth year of Glacken's Republican regime.

October 2, 2000, Freeport Village Hall 
At the commencement of the evening's Village board meeting, Freeport's top ranking police officer, Chief Mike Woodward, was in his regular spot, front and center in the front row of Village Hall, oblivious to what was going on around him. Go to Article

Vil Bd Blasts Through Meetings
Residents Canít Hear ē Mayor Says
"I Donít Care"

September 11 & 18, 2000, Freeport Village Hall 

The poor acoustics in Freeportís largest echo chamber, Freeport Village Hall, continue to make it all but impossible to hear those addressing the Board and Mayor Glacken.
Go to Article

Freeport Village Hall, July 10 & 17, 2000

As usual, all the action at the July 10th Village Board meeting took place after the public went home, during what Mayor Glacken has called the "second session."
Go to Article.

Glacken Tells Public
Diesel Fumes Don't Cause Cancer

June 19, 2000
On Monday June 19, Freeport resident Vincent Greco came to Village Hall, as he has been doing for over twenty years, to try and get some information on the continuing unhealthy emissions from power plant number two.  Go to Article.

Glacken Supporter Raab Bashes Mayor
Says Public Urination Must Stop

June 19, 2000
Michael Raab, a long time Glacken supporter, telling the Mayor "I donít want to become the loud mouthed critic that I was," said that he was sick and tired of people urinating  Go To Article.

Organized Crime In Freeport?
June 28, 2000
Opinion by John Helfrich
Speaking at public meetings has always been a freedom in this country, but no longer in Freeport.  Go to Opinion.

Glacken Bonds Almost Four Million 
Unprepared At Village Meeting

May 22, 2000
On Monday night, The Board of trustees approved, among other things, the bonding of $1,465,000 to be spent on the Villageís water system.  Go to Article.

Former Mayor's Dream Comes True
May 19, 2000 

Former Mayor Arthur Thompsonís dream of a revitalized Woodcleft Avenue finally came true with the official dedication of the Nautical Mile on May 19th. The Nautical Mile project began years ago with Mayor Thompsonís securing a Federal grant 
Go to Article.

Tall Grass At CDA
Posted May 4, 2000
One local resident told FNYN, "If this was my yard, they probably would have locked me up," referring to the Village Building Department. Another said, "I see them (the Village) drive by here everyday, what are they, blind?" Go to Story

Glacken Wasn't Going To Tell
Elevated Bacteria Causes Chlorination

May 1, 2000
Monday nightís May 1st village board meeting was marked by the return to village hall of former village trustee, Vince Campion. He told Mayor Glacken, "I told you last time I wasnít coming back here unless there was a problem with the water and now Iím back. My wife is sick
Go to Story

Glacken Hires $88,000 Consultant After Everybody Goes Home
April 17, 2000
One hour later the board reconvened into what Glacken calls the "second session." It has been at these "second sessions," out of the public eye and after the public has gone home, that the Republican Glacken administration has done the business they want to keep from public scrutiny.
Go to Story ē Go to Agenda

Glacken Refuses To Return Surplus Fees To Homeowners
April 10, 2000
When your reporter asked how much was being transferred, the Mayor and the rest of the board seemed to have no idea of the amount, nor were they in possession of any documentation supporting the resolution they were about to approve. Go to Story ē Go to Agenda.

Glacken Refuses To Release Appointments
April 7, 2000

On April 6th, the most secretive Mayor in Freeport's history,  refused to release his organization night appointments to Ken Bagatelle, the president of the Northwest Civic Association
Go to Story

March 27, 2000
26th Year Community Development Block Grant Hearing

Many groups filed requests for the 141,000 dollars of available public service money, including the Village. When the Mayor was asked if he thought the Village had a good chance of being approved for the funding, he smiled. Go to Story

Village Board Blows Though Agenda, Increases Towing Fees 300%
Mayor Glacken and the Trustees blew through the March 27th Village Board Agenda in fifteen minutes. As usual, Glackenís trustees were silent, other than for casting their usual unanimous votes. Go to Article.

March 20, 2000

Freeport Vil Board Meeting ē Mostly Business As Usual ē Shopping Cart Law Revisited
After the Mayor and the Board flew through their last minute agenda, approving hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditures, Deputy Village Attorney Steven Malone represented the Shopping Cart Law at a public hearing. Go to Agenda ē Go to Story

March 13, 2000
Freeport Firefighter Thomas McBride Honored By Mayor In Almost Deserted Village Hall
Freeport Fireman Thomas McBride received an award from Mayor Glacken last night as his friends, family, and members of the fire department looked on. Village PR person, Pat Murphy, was on hand to snap the Mayorís official picture. Go to Story.

Village Board Breezes Through Agenda
The Mayor and the Board breezed though the evenings agenda. Once again the Board was silent, without questions or comments, as all items passed unanimously. Go to Agenda.

March 7, 2000
Freeport Agenda For March 6 Village Board.
The Go to Agenda.

Mayor Glacken and Police Chief Woodward Ignored Residents

FNYN Photo

February 22, 2000
by Stew Lilker

Since January 24th, residents and visitors walking from the parking lot behind Village Hall to Ocean Avenue have been forced to trek through snow, mud and huge puddles of water. For almost a month, the Police rescue vehicle has been parked right in the middle of the only paved path connecting the parking lot to the front of Village Hall. Mayor Glacken and Police Chief Woodward, who park their cars in reserved spots directly in front of the rescue vehicle, have completely ignored the resident's plight until today. In a recent interview with the local newspaper, the Leader, Chief Woodward when asked what he liked best about Freeport said, "One of the greatest things about this community is the fact they we have a government that is responsive to the people." Chief Woodward, who grew up in Freeport and moved his family to Massapequa, concluded his interview by saying, "I hope to be able to serve the community for a long time to come." A Freeport employee, who didn't want to be identified, after dodging through the muck for the past month to get to his car said," I can't believe this. You'd think somebody would have moved this thing before today."

1999 Index

Mon., Oct. 18, 1999

MONDAY NIGHT, stunned residents looked on as the village treasurer announced that in less than three years the Glacken administration has accumulated $48,000,000 in debt.

2003 Index
Letters & Opinion
Freeport Village

Freeport Gangs
Just a Figment of My Imagination?

February 22, 2003
Opinion by John Helfrich

Tuesday night, February 11th, I must have had a hallucination ... I thought I heard five gunshots across the street from my house. My first instinct was to blame it on a car backfire. But wait, a car doesn't backfire with that consistency. So, I did what I was trained to do. I hit the floor.

2002 Index
Letters & Opinion
Freeport Village

Not Surprised About Newsday
September 14, 2002
by James M. Staudenraus

When it comes to reporting on any aspect of illegal immigration, Newsday has ethical problems that run deep within the paper.

Even Fidel Castro Knows
July 18, 2002, Opinion
by John Helfrich

Crack! Bink! Those are the wonderful sounds of children playing baseball. They occur all over the United States and the world and could be heard much more in Freeport, NY, if it were not for Mayor William F. Glacken ...

Scary For A Woman
June 6, 2002
After dark, the Freeport station is scary for a woman commuting

Mr. Lilker ē You Are Dangerous
June 6, 2002
Everyone knows that Newsday has a special department and staff they secretly call "The Freeport Squad." Otherwise, why would they print all that junk about Freeport Schools ... What in the world do you think that the school board is supposed to do, actually listen

Enforcing the Frpt Bldg Code
May 5, 2002 (Posted May 6, 2002)

In 1977 we wrote the building department a letter... Why should it take 5 years or longer to enforce the ordinances of the Village of Freeport?


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