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The Freeport Memorial Library
The Jewel of Freeport

January 10, 2001
The Freeport Memorial Library is the Jewel of Freeport. It is one of the oldest libraries on Long Island. It serves a diverse and changing community with a concerned and professional staff. Its statistics will amaze you.

Maguire Acquitted
Islip, NY September 8, 2000

After a trial that began on August 22nd, Freeport ex Fire Chief, Raymond Maguire, was acquitted by a jury of all charges brought
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July 4, 2000
Special Reports

July 4, 1776 Made A Lasting Victory Possible On March 4, 1789
July 4, 2000
ADAM GAFFNEY's Valedictorian Speech.
Intellect and The Spirit of Independence.
The Dedication Of The Fallen Hero's Monument.
They Kept Freedom Alive.
Love and Commitment, preparing for the future.
The Dream Continues.
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