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Freeport Schools

2002 Index
Freeport Schools

Raab Goes Bonkers As
Board Violates Open Meetings Law

October 9, 2002 (Posted Oct. 12)
The pressure of a failing school district, gangs, and illegal board activity apparently got to Freeport school Board member Michael Raab, as he went bonkers at the conclusion of the October 9, 2002 board planning meeting.

Freeport Supt In Ozone
A "Sign of the Times"

September 20, 2002
The theme of the many e-mails FNYN has received since the school calendar was mailed has been, "How can I believe that my children are safe in these schools when the Superintendent and the administration don’t even recognize gang signs when they see them?"

Freeport School Update
Public Throttled • New Positions • No HS Principal

September 3, 2002
r. Jay’s time had expired, and with the stopwatch beeping in the background, Board President Sunday Coward kept interrupting Jay, trying to shoo him away from the microphone. Finally, seventy-six year old Jay told Coward that he was going to finish what he had to say and if she didn’t like it, she could have him arrested.

Freeport Homeowners Mislead
School Taxes Up 26%

Freeport NY, August 19, 2002
his spring, Freeport’s desperate School Board and Superintendent pulled a fast one on the taxpayers of the district. After the district realized that their original budget for the upcoming year (2002-2003) would not pass because it represented a 20% plus increase in homeowners’ taxes, they eventually pared back their budget from $100,564,791 to $98,418,384. So inept is the Freeport School district, that on Election Day

Supt. & School Board Befuddled
July 18, 2002 (Part I)
The School Board meeting carried on for two hours. All evening, not one word was said by anybody about the district’s fourth graders and what the district’s failures are doing to their young lives.

Dance Ballerina Dance
July 18, 2002 (Part II)
You don't have to put spin on the school district's word, they spin by themselves

Freeport  Schools
Ahead of Their Time

July 16, 2002
As more and more, the government chips away at our moral fiber, I come to realize that Freeport is way ahead of the government. What with limiting our ability, or denying altogether, the right to express our position at school board meetings

Eversley Wastes No Time
July 2, 2002  (04:20 p.m.)

reeport’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Eric Eversley, failed to post last night’s emergency school board meeting on the district’s web site. While both the board

Pineyro Takes Oath
July 2, 2002 (07:35 p.m.)

NYS Supreme Court Justice, Ira Raab, made a special trip to Freeport to give the oath of office to Carmen Pineyro, the first elected Latino in the history of Freeport. Judge Raab’s presence made the

Freeport's Superintendent
Drops Ball Again

June 30, 2002, Freeport Schools
rue to form, Eversley ignored the Latino parent population, which is approximately 50% of the Jr. and Sr. High School population and didn’t send the mandatory Spanish translation. The correspondence included a contract that had to be signed by both the parent and the student.

Freeport Schools • Do They Know Where Your Children Are?
June 22, 2002 Freeport NY
Even though the committee meetings are subject to NYS Open Meetings Law, Superintendent Eversley did not post the time and place of this meeting anywhere in the district. The committee ... left unchanged the 48-hour provision the district was about to give itself to notify a parent if their child didn’t show up for school.

School Leadership Falls Down On Attendance
June 19, 2002
The customary lack of leadership and decision making by the top management and board of the Freeport Schools was demonstrated again as Freeport raced to meet the deadline for the state's mandated attendance policy. 

Freeport Schools Ignore Spirit Of Federal Mandates
June 12, 2002 (Posted June 18th)
Once again, the Freeport Public Schools demonstrated both a lack of leadership from the Superintendent ... Their latest gaff involves the district’s confusion and adherence to the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act, commonly known as CIPA.

Freeport Schools • Smoke Signals Would Work Better
June 5, 2002
Freeport Superintendent, Dr. Eric Eversley, and the School Board have repeatedly claimed that they want the public to be involved in the district, attend school board meetings, and use the

Carmen Pineyro Makes History
May 21, 2002
History was made tonight when twenty six year old Carmen Pineyro was the top vote getter in the Freeport Board of Education Election. Pineyro becomes the first elected Latino board member of any board in the history of Freeport. Pineyro

The School Board Candidates In Their Own Words
May 17, 2002
reeportNYNews has given all the candidates the opportunity to express themselves in their own words. Of the five candidates, only two, Carmen Pineyro (Pineyro en Espanol) and Bernie Smith have responded. I hope you find their remarks helpful in making your choice on election day, May 21, 2002. Stewart Lilker - Publisher/Editor

School Board Candidate Night • What They Said
May 15, 2002 (Posted May 16th)
PTA Council President, Jacci Harris, gave a warm welcome to the Freeport School Board candidates and one hundred attendees, who mostly came to support their candidates. Nothing earth shattering was said and the candidates

A Monster Grown In Freeport
Freeport NY, April 12, 2002
Under construction, the Freeport School District’s New Visions public school looms three tall stories high in neighborhood backyards, as it reaches towards the heavens, casting a dark shadow over all the homes surrounding

Freeport Schools Forget The Jews • Who's Next
March 25, 2002
After years of insensitivity, wastefulness, insults, misinformation, arrogance, rudeness, civil rights violations, cover-ups, theft, outright lies and the wholesale destruction of a school system and the

Residents To Take It On The Chin • Frpt School Budget Up 10 Million

February 27, 2002 (posted Mar. 4)
After years of mismanagement and decisions based on political considerations, rather than the needs of the district, the school budget has finally toped 100 million dollars for the first time. School district residents can expect a ten percent school tax increase this year. Added to last years increase of 7.7%, residents can expect a two year combined increase of 17%.

HS Principal Resigns • Board & Supt Paralyzed Without Spin Doctors

February 27, 2002 (posted Mar. 4)
The February 27th School Board meeting saw the Superintendent and Board paralyzed, refusing to announce the resignation or take any measures to advise the community that their gang infested high school had no principal. The district, which long ago traded truth for spin, appeared to need time to run the events past the district’s spin doctors.

Investigation Doesn't Help • Students Stuck On Bottom

January 23, 2002 (Posted Feb. 2)
he district had led the public to believe that the original test scores given to the State Education Department and to Newsday were incorrect and that there was

Test Scores
The Problem Is Complex

January 17, 2002

The problem is complex and the answers equally complex. We surely would welcome your input and insight, rather than simply your continuing inquisition.

Frpt School Board Ignores Law
While Residents Sleep

January 6, 2002 (Posted Jan. 12th)
Following in the footsteps of the Roosevelt School Board, Freeport has now also sunk to calling emergency meetings for early Sunday morning, while Freeport’s residents sleep.


2001 Index

Frpt Schools Fail Students Again
Cover-up Continues

Freeport NY, December 29, 2001 (Part 1)
Alerted that Newsday was publishing a list of the results of the English and math regents results the following day, Superintendent Eversley began his

Cheerleaders • E-mail
The miss-Leader

Freeport NY, December 29, 2001
(Part 2)
On the second bill of the December 19, 2001 School Board meeting were the JV Cheerleaders and e-mail

No Rules For Raab
December 19, 2001
Mike Raab, who constantly brags about his connections to Village Hall

Freeport Students Sink
Latino Parents Ignored
Oct. 29, 2001

n what has become a recurring bad dream for the concerned residents in the district, the latest standardized test scores placed Freeport’s 4th and 8th graders squarely in the bottom of the barrel, once again.
Board limits public's right to speak as student scores sink
Oct. 29, 2001

fter years of attempting to inhibit the public’s ability to question the Board of Education, the Freeport Board appears ready to announce success. With the white middle class, finally having all but abandoned the district and the

Frpt Schools Fail Students Again
Cover-up Continues

Freeport NY, December 29, 2001 (Part 1)
Alerted that Newsday was publishing a list of the results of the English and math regents results the following day, Superintendent Eversley began his

Cheerleaders • E-mail
The miss-Leader

Freeport NY, December 29, 2001
(Part 2)
On the second bill of the December 19, 2001 School Board meeting were the JV Cheerleaders and e-mail

Freeport Students Sink
Latino Parents Ignored
Oct. 29, 2001

n what has become a recurring bad dream for the concerned residents in the district, the latest standardized test scores placed Freeport’s 4th and 8th graders squarely in the bottom of the barrel, once again.

Board limits public's right to speak as student scores sink
Oct. 29, 2001

fter years of attempting to inhibit the public’s ability to question the Board of Education, the Freeport Board appears ready to announce success. With the white middle class, finally having all but abandoned the district and the

With the greatest tragedy in our history unfolding before their eyes, the Superintendent and the School Board refused to postpone a meeting to discuss a Code of Conduct that should have been ready in July.
Freeport NY, September 12, 2001
Hearing (Part 1)
There was a pall over the room as the meeting began. No one that FreeportNYNews had spoken to could believe that the meeting was not canceled.
FNYN Questions the Board (Part 2)
Your reporter asked the Board if there were ever public notices announcing the meetings of the District-wide Safety Committee, as is required by NYS Open Meetings Law.

Assistant Superintendent Proclaims
"English Is The Official Language"

September 7, 2001
Ciaglia proclaimed, "No sir. English is the official language." Neither the Board, nor the Superintendent, took exception to the Assistant Superintendent's remark.

Crisis Intervention In The Freeport Schools
September 12, 2001
While the attack on the World Trade Center went on, the Freeport school district took extra ordinary measures to buffer the children from trauma.

Freeport Schools Ignore Rules •
Latinos - Again

August 31, 2001
he Board never reached out to the community to inform it of  the requirements of SAVE. The past Renken/Grover Board, with holdovers Ellerbe and Muscara, ran the Board like a private club. None of the Board members of the Renken/Grover Board took any initiative to be informed of the basic requirements of SAVE.

Summer Commencement Has Students Smiling
August 29, 2001
The first ever Freeport High School post summer school commencement took place this evening in

Nasty Scene At The Board Of  Ed.
June 12, 2001
Tuesday night,
the Freeport School Board was again up to their ankles in their secret ways. At

Eversley Named School Superintendent
Cattano & Raab Flex Muscles

May 23, 2001
Friday, May 18, 2001, began a flurry of activity by the Freeport School Board, as the newly elected board members, Joe Cattano and Michael

Students Threatened • Parents Furious • Board Silent
May 18, 2001
Earlier this week, Freeport High School was once again the object of a threat that left the district scrambling for a response, while keeping most of the public in the dark.

Newcomers Defeat Incumbent
Cattano and Raab Victorious

May 15, 2001

he Freeport School Board election was one nobody could call. Two time incumbent Al Renken took one final shot at the brass ring and

School Bd. Hides Salary Increases

April 24 &
May 2, 2001
udget night began with a presentation of the proposed Freeport Memorial Library budget by Library Director Dave Opatow. Mr. Opatow

School District Shenanigans
April 23, 2001
Election shenanigans are nothing new to the Freeport School district. In the 1997 school board election there was a clear and convincing showing of fraud and improper conduct regarding the nominating petitions of Dorothy Fox,

Look At The Real Statistics
April 23, 2001
Opinion by Stephanie Cieslik

The Freeport School District and certain members of the Board of Education are misrepresenting the facts. It must stop! As residents, as well as parents, we deserve to hear the truth. For months the district has been boasting

Lloyd: "We Need A Change"
February 24, 2001
We need a change on our Board of Education. There are two seats coming up for election, those of incumbents Albert Renken and Dante Grover. We need to elect two new people who will put our children first. Board members who will tell us all

Board Praises Athletes
Tells Parents "Don’t Interrogate The Administration"

February 9, 2001
The January 24 board of education meeting began with well deserved kudos for the championship Freeport High School football team and its coaches. After the team and the coaches received a standing ovation from the attendees, the board went back to business as usual.

Finally The Truth "Our Kids Are Failing"
February 3, 2001
December and January’s Freeport school board meetings have been business as usual, except for one brief moment when during the December 20th board meeting, for only the second time in seven months, new board member Sunday Coward spoke up, accusing the board of sending out propaganda and lying about student performance.

2000 Index

Interim Supt Gets High Marks
September 28, 2000 
In what has clearly been a breath of fresh air in the district, Interim District Superintendent David Nydick has been given high marks by everybody with whom your reporter has spoken.

Board President Violates Law Again •
School District Attorney Winces

September 27, 2000
At 7:05 p.m., school district attorney Larry Reich was seated in the boardroom, with four of the five board members and all the assistant superintendents. All were waiting for school board member Grover ...  

School Bd And FHA In Web of Secrecy
September 11, 2000

The years of School Board secrecy continued with the School Board's recent attempt to dump Freeport high school's worst disciplinary problems in the midst of the retirees at the South Main Street facility of the Freeport Housing Authority (FHA). 

Bd of Ed Action Meeting Ill Attended
Past Pres Grover Fed Up With Criticism

August 23, 2000
The August 23rd School Board action meeting was the most ill attended Board meeting in years. Most of those who can afford it have abandoned the district for private schools or moved out of Freeport to districts with better performing schools.

School Board Update • Resident Says
"My Family Comes First."

August 9, 15, 21, 22
Since the planning meeting of August 9th, the Board has met four times for emergency or special meetings, setting a school meetings record. At each of these meetings, Board President Ellerbe spoke so low as to be barely audible.

School Board Up To Same Old Tricks
July 19 & 27, 2000
The meetings are now presided over by newly elected Board President Ron Ellerbe. Ellerbe has gone out of his way to make himself unintelligible, normally speaking so low as to be barely audible.
Go to Article

July 15, 2000

FreeportNYNews, in spite of the stonewalling of the report by the District, has been able to obtain a copy of this report. The "technical violations" that Grover and the administration have been covering up affect the lives of the children and the staff of the district.
Go to Article.

Board Disorganization Night

July 5, 2000
For the second year in a row, the Board disallowed public comment on their proposed Organization night appointments. The stifling of pubic comment and questions regarding the Board’s appointments. Go to Article.
FNYN Photo: Sunday Coward takes the Oath.

Gaffney Valedictorian Speech
June 25, 2002
I guess we got jump started into that conclusion by this past year. We saw that those in power do not always do what is best. We were told everything was being changed in the name of reform, but all we saw was the school deteriorate. New policies were set up that we all knew wouldn't help the school, that wouldn't make students learn more, that wouldn't help teachers educate better, and that wouldn't even improve discipline. Go to Speech

Board Hides Superintendent?
Ignores Open Meetings Law

June 21, 2000 
Alan Jay was the first resident to the microphone. As Mr. Jay veered off the written agenda, Grover and the Board sat mute. Mr. Jay said, "You have infringed on the People’s right to petition their government under the First Amendment of the Constitution.
Go to Article.

School Board Blasts Through Fire Marshall’s Report
Finally Admit They Don’t Know Bond Aid

June 7, 2000
Newly elected school board candidate, Sunday Coward, dashed from the airport to the June 7th planning session arriving ... "  Go to Article.

Academic Awards Disrupted

June 7, 2000
One High School parent told FNYN, "That’s it. This is the last straw. I just can’t take it anymore. My child was supposed to get an award and can’t be there. My children come first. I’m outa here."
Go to Article.


June 2, 2000

Josephine Moffett, Freeport School District Superintendent, is rumored to be resigning from the District. Yesterday, June 1st, a School Board member, who asked to remain anonymous, was asked, "Is it true ... 
Go to Story.

Board of Education Digs In
Restricts Public's Right To Speak

May 24, 2000
In the first meeting after the recent district wide election, the Board of Education dug in its heels, continuing its unresponsiveness to the residents. Go to Article.

Sunday Coward Big Winner
May 16, 2000
In a stunning upset, Sunday F. Coward defeated Joyce Lisi in the race for School Trustee by a mere seventy-five votes. Go to Story.

Board Member Ellerbe Caught Red Handed
May 15, 2000
Late this afternoon, Freeport School Board member Ronald Ellerbe was caught red handed taking Board candidate Sunday Coward's campaign literature off car windshields at the Freeport train station.
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Unresponsive Board Ill Prepared
April 18, 2000
Ellerbe began pointing his finger at Yndigoyn and repeating the word rude over and over. When FNYN agreed that Bediako's behavior was out of order, Ellerbe called your reporter a parasite.
Go to Story

Superintendent Puts Psychologist In Bathroom
April 17, 2000
The Freeport school district's lead psychologist, Dr. Mark Summers, has had his office installed in the handicapped bathroom in the district's administration building. Go to Story

Senator Schumer Principal For A Day
April 16, 2000
This Monday, Freeport High School will be administrated for two hours by US Senator Charles Schumer.  Go to Story.

Clerk's Getaway Foiled • Freeporters Make History
March 31, 2000
History was made this past Friday when a group of Freeport residents filed a proposition with the school district clerk to put a widely supported resolution on the May 16th School District Ballot. For the first time ever in Freeport, a diverse group of residents have come together to empower the people to vote for a popularly submitted district wide proposition.
Go to StoryGo to Proposition

School Board's Revised Bond In Trouble

March 28, 2000
has learned that the meeting, originally scheduled to be held on Tuesday evening, March 28th at School Board member Joyce Lisi’s house and then in the district’s administration building, was held instead at the home of Pat Lewis. As usual, the issue of trust took a prominent place in the discussions. Go to Story

Smoke Detectors Out • New Bleachers In • School Board Votes To Put Bond Back Up
March 22 -- 7:30 p.m. Freeport School District Board Room.
As previously promised, the Board removed "health, safety and maintenance" items from the bond ...  Included in the revised plan are new bleachers for the high school. Removed from the Board’s plan are the updating of smoke and fire detection systems in the District’s school buildings.  Go to Story Go to Revised Bond

2000/2001 Proposed School District Additional Staffing Requirements

March 22 -- 8:50 p.m.
After the presentation of the "Revised Plan" and the Board vote for resolving to establish the Annual Meeting, which included the bond, Dr. Mary Bediako, director of personnel, advised the Board of the additional staffing requirements, which the Administration proposes for the 2000/2001 budget. It is a strain to understand and hear Dr. Bediako. Go to Story.


March 20, 2000
Even though I am the Freeport High School PTA Co-President, Site-Based Team member, Sports Booster Treasurer and the High School parent representative for the 1.5 million dollar Magnet Schools Assistance Innovative Program Grant, I am writing this letter today as a very concerned Freeport parent. I am worried... 
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March 18, 2000
Friday morning, March 17th at 10:30 a.m., the Freeport Board of Education held an emergency meeting, which they claimed was for the purpose of discussing "a particular matter of real estate."  FreeportNYNews (FNYN) has learned that the official district newspaper, the Leader, as well as Newsday were not notified of this urgent "bond" meeting ...Go to Story.


March 15, 2000
Freeport's residents spoke out today and defeated the ill-conceived and foolish forty million dollar school bond. Go to Story

Board Member Ellerbe and the Bond

March 2, 2000

At the hastily called bond open house Board member Ronald Ellerbe, pictured here,  represented the School Board for most of the evening. His answers to some of the residents questions left residents shaking their heads. Go to Story.

FNYN Photo

March 1, 2000
Assistant Supt. of Curriculum, Dr. Tony Ciaglia, listens pensively with School Board members as the disastrous results of the NYS Report Card are presented. As usual, the Board gave no substantive notice to the public that the scores were being presented. After the meeting, the Board illegally locked themselves in the Administration building for an executive session.

Test Scores Fall Among the Lowest on LI
Feb. 26, 2000
The estimated costs set forth in the Plan may be reallocated among the various District buildings and components of the Project if the Board of Education shall determine that a reallocation is in the best interests of the District. Go to Story.

High School Principal Northover Presides Over Chaos • A Student Speaks.
February 23, 2000
 ... The student's name is withheld for obvious reasons.
Go to A Student Speaks.

Honor Society Inductions - Principal MIA - Moffett Goes Mute
February 16, 2000
When Supt. Moffett was asked why it took three months to produce the minutes of November 10, 1999 and November 22, 1999 she went mute...

Hall of Fame Coach Gets Cold Shoulder
January 19, 2000
Renken was jealous of Haise’s popularity.

1999 Index

Freeport Leader Prints Press Release As News
Dec 17, 1999
Freeport Baldwin Leader is the local daily newspaper that many Freeporters depend on for their local news. Go to Story

Ciaglia Granted Tenure
December 15, 1999
Dr. Anthony Ciaglia, the acting Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, was rewarded for three years of falling test scores and under achievement by being granted tenure by the School Board.

Principal Lottie Taylor Northover Overruled by Comm. of Education
December 12, 1999
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Most People Don't Even Think It's A Contract. Taylor's Contract

Supt. Moffett's Contracts 
December 12, 1999
Anger grows in the community against an unfeeling and inconsiderate School Board, advised by a renegade law firm, and presided over by an incompetent Superintendent. Moffett's Contracts

Freeport School Board Keeps Truth From Public, Again
Dec 12, 1999
ONCE AGAIN, the Freeport School Board has withheld information from the district. Go to Story

Board Pres. Grover
, VP Renken and their Board removed a District Policy that is based on one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Policies Removed By The Board

Grovernomics and Censorship Highlight  Planning Meeting
November 4, 1999
Oblivious to the reasons for the Republican debacle of the just contested Nassau County elections, Dante Grover and the Board Of Education continued their presentation of the numbers for the upcoming $40,000,000 bond issue. Go to Story


2002 Index
Letters & Opinion

48 Hours Is Just Not Moral
June 29, 2002 by Devorah Weinman

as our society eroded to the point that it will accept that an unaccounted for child does not get the immediate attention of its community?
If Freeport Public Schools is not legally responsible to report a child absent on the first day of his or her absence from school, it is not exempt from the moral responsibility to that child and it's family.


Proud Of Themselves
June 8, 2002 Editorial by Stewart S Lilker
The exact point in time that the Freeport School District began its downward spiral is difficult to pin point. The past ten years certainly put the icing on the cake, as the district began the decade of the nineties by bamboozling the state out of a million and a half dollars by falsifying

Thank You Ms. Cieslik
June 8, 2002 by John Helfrich

When Ms. Cieslik says you don’t have a clue, you seem to agree with her by stating you have only a year on the board. Are you a rookie or a veteran who contributes to the team? Dr. Cattano, I don’t get it.

Mr. Lilker • You Are Dangerous
June 6, 2002
Everyone knows that Newsday has a special department and staff they secretly call "The Freeport Squad." Otherwise, why would they print all that junk about Freeport Schools ... What in the world do you think that the school board is supposed to do, actually listen

Please -- Tell Me One Thing
June 1, 2002 Editorial by Stewart S Lilker
Whenever you think it can’t get any worse, it does. Did the school budget really pass or was the vote doctored in the back room as the Superintendent and board played dumb, doing nothing to see that an honest count was relayed to the public? Were they really paralyzed, or was the fix in? Did the Superintendent and Board finally do something? No one will ever know. Welcome to Freeport.

Ms. Cieslik • I Cannot Instantly Gratify You
May 21, 2002 by Dr. Joe Cattano
I am somewhat dismayed and truly saddened by your vitriolic comments and apparent hysteria regarding what is happening in Freeport schools...  I am sorry that I cannot instantly gratify you by making everything right

Mr. Cattano • You Don't Have A Clue
May 19, 2002 by Stephanie Cieslik
Mr. Cattano, I suggest a few questions for you to answer before you go to sleep at night. How much more suffering will the children of Freeport have to endure? How many wounds will heal without festering? What does the future hold for my child and the children of this district?

Election Day Endorsements
May 18, 2002
This years school board race will be a cliff hanger. Incumbent, Ron Ellerbe, has chosen to team up with past Freeport high school principal and board president, Al Renken. Renken was defeated last year in an attempt to regain his seat

Academic Success
A Shared Responsibility

May 18, 2002, by Dr. Joe Cattano
r. Helfrich, you seem to read my communications rather selectively. I have never changed my position. I have simply attempted to clarify points that you seem to be struggling with.

A Tin Ear
May 14, 2002, by Herb Jurist
It is time for a new approach in selecting School Board members who don't have a "tin ear" in listening to the public.

"Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing."
May 14, 2002, by Dr. Joe Cattano
Too many of our young people are ill-prepared, for a host of reasons, to be students. That is a true tragedy, Mr. Helfrich and Mr. Lloyd.

We Have To Have Hope
May 6, 2002

Board of Education member, Joe Cattano, charges me with being a "repository of misinformation." I've

School Bd Is Just Insensitive
May 6, 2002 Opinion by John Helfrich 
Children do learn from what they see and hear more so than what they get out of books ... over the last eight to ten years,

School Bd Doesn't Understand
April 5, 2002
In his most recent letter, Freeport school board member, Dr. Joe Cattano, blames the community for the low academic performance of the Freeport school system. He claims that the district’s failure is

Education Is A Partnership
March 25, 2002
I am an alumna of FHS, class of 1991. I and my siblings went to Freeport schools. I am appalled and saddened by the apparent state of my alma maters and by the "dialogue" as evinced in these letters to the editor.

Bd Member Cattano On Achievement
March 8, 2002

The reality is that the failure of a school system to produce the results a community might desire is first and foremost a failure of the community as a whole and the families of those underachieving students.

Rural Floridian Comments On Freeport/Roosevelt  Education
February 1, 2002
I don't get the feeling of desperation and hopelessness that seems to be prevalent in your area.

Test Scores • The Problem Is Not Complex
February 1, 2002
Bruce Lloyd responds to  School Board Member Dr. Joe Cattano

Roosevelt Schools
January 15, 2002 (Posted Jan. 18)

It is a disgrace when an entire community is pleading, crying and yelling out for someone to help our children receive a quality education and our elected officials turn their

They Are All Our Children
anuary 4, 2002

My heart is in despair as I think about the condition of the school district

Will The Real Dr. Cattano Please Stand Up
May 15, 2002, by John Helfrich
Are the Freeport parents the only parents on Long Island who do not prepare their children for school? Do parents in other communities have a secret formula that the

Frpt HS Newspaper Vanishes
April 12, 2002
It's sad to learn that current FHS administrators seem to see more value in putting a smiley face on a deteriorating situation, a great lesson to teach the kids, if you happen to be in the business of crushing their souls.


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