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Opinion 2003
Letters To The Editor
Gangs Are Real Feb 28, 2003
Feb 28, 2003

Gangs Are Real

Dear Mr. Helfrich, I am an elected official. I take exception to your commentary that "all" of Freeport's public officials say that we don't have gang violence in Freeport. That is absolutely incorrect.

I have repeatedly expressed my concerns regarding gang violence in Freeport. My concern was so profound, that I was one of the motivating forces behind the formation of the task force on gang violence in Freeport.

Once again, you have misrepresented the facts and distorted reality. If you took the time to consult with me, I would have informed you as to my opinion regarding gangs in Freeport.

Gangs are real and a problem! In no way, shape, or form have I ever downplayed the significance of gangs in Freeport.

I was one of the few voices that was willing to openly express considerable concern over increasing gang violence in Freeport. You paint with a very broad brush and should be much more accurate in what you say, as it is too often way off target.

I have been in the forefront in expressing concern regarding the increasing gang violence in Freeport. If you were in regular attendance at board meetings, you would have heard me expressing that concern and questioning those that doubted the severity of the problem.

Mr. Helfrich, get your facts straight!

Joseph Cattano, Ph.D.
V.P., Freeport Board of Education

(While it is true that Dr. Cattano has briefly mentioned gangs on a couple of occasions, an examination of the District's meeting agendas and minutes maintained at the library will find no mention of gangs by either Dr. Cattano or the public. -- Ed.)


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