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Freeport NY, September 14, 2001

On This Day Of Remembrance And Prayer

Stewart Lilker - Publisher/Editor

On behalf of the people who contribute to FreeportNYNews.com and the many readers who have e-mailed us with their thoughts and feelings, it is clear that as we all participate in this day of national mourning and remembrance, the loss and meaning that we have all experienced is beyond any words.
     FreeportNYNews offers a heartfelt expression of sympathy to the victims and their families and to all of those who have been affected by the week’s tragic events.
     Our democratic ideals, our faith in our country and each other, our belief in civil rights and justice must not be dimmed. We have to continue to work to make our community and our government better. We must not loose faith in what America stands for. We must continue to strive to move forward and not give in to terrorism of any kind. We must not be overcome by these horrible events. Our global community and our nation must not drift backwards towards racism and hate. Justice, not revenge, should move us forward into the light.
     Despite the disruption of the week's events wrought by Tuesday’s horrific actions we are taking our lead from the President and our National leaders. FreeportNYNews will continue covering the local scene, while wiping away the tears in our eyes.
     Many of you have asked how you might help. I have this advice. Reach out in any way you can.
     It appears that some families in Freeport, so close to the epicenter of the cataclysmic events of the week, have suffered personal losses. Reach out to those families, because they are our families. Their loss, so close to us, is truly our loss. We must share our strength and love with them and each other in this tragic time.
     One thing you might also consider is giving blood. This is an important way for you to share yourself and help. For information call 1-800-GIVELIFE, or visit the American Red Cross web site at: http://www.redcross.org
     If you have other suggestions of how we might help, or if you simply wish to share your thoughts, please feel free to share them with us.
     On this day of Remembrance and Prayer, I urge you to remember, love is stronger than hate.

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