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July 2002

Groundwater Contamination Not Checked July 27, 2002
Miracles Happen -- Almost  July 25, 2002
Freeport Mayor Ignores Mess
Travel Is Hazardous For Some
July 16, 2002
Groundwater Contamination Not Checked July 27, 2002
July 24, 2002

Miracles Happen -- Almost

After months of uninhibited growth and the unfettered accumulation of garbage, the old Conte parking lot fronting Merrick Road was finally cleaned up on Monday, July 22nd,  making for a reasonable appearance, but one still expected of Freeport, as there was still plenty of garbage left along the fence on the sidewalk.

The job still wasn't completed by Wednesday, July 24th. The weeds were still overgrown on the sidewalk, as the same garbage, only less of it,  was still along the fence. There was no indication that the sidewalk was going to be repaired. The photo on the left, was taken at noon on July 22nd.

July 16, 2002

Freeport Mayor Ignores Mess
Travel Is Hazardous For Some
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by Stewart S Lilker

At every opportunity, Freeportís Mayor William F. Glacken sings the praises of Freeportís famous Nautical mile, while at the same time ignoring the mess that people have to drive through in order to get there.

full view
The weeds, having grown wild for months ...

Despite Merrick Road being one of the main thoroughfares into Freeport, Mayor Glacken and his Glackenite board have ignored the mess that greets visitors to Freeport everyday. The Glackenites continue to demonstrate that political contacts come before the needs and image of the Freeport community.

In June, FreeportNYNews ("FNYN") did a story on the horrid conditions along Merrick Road at the site of the Conte parking lot and at the Freeport train station. The conditions along Merrick road have gotten worse, as Freeportís stubborn mayor refuses to see that the mess is cleaned up.

full view
Judy Cimiglia has strapped herself into her ...

The other day, while your reporter, was on his was to Home Depot, he came across Judy Cimiglia, who was navigating the cratered, garbage strewn side walk in front of the old Conte Chevrolet parking lot on Merrick Road. Mrs. Cimiglia told FNYN that she had been traveling down these sidewalks for some time and cannot understand how they are never cleaned or repaired. She said, "I just canít understand it. Doesnít anybody care about how this place looks. Look at the broken glass on the side walk. What would happen to me if my wheel chair tipped over in one of these holes and I fell onto a broken bottle. Would the Mayor do something then?"

full view
The newspapers and the garbage ...

Another resident, who asked not to be identified told FNYN. "I drive down Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway all the time. This place is an embarrassment. The Mayor spends $750 for garbage cans and a few feet away the sidewalks are pot holed and filled with garbage. He says he cares how Freeport looks, but actions speak louder than words. I donít understand why he doesnít do something."


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