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Grover's Letter,
Who Could Believe It?

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This letter was found in my mailbox, with the note in the upper left corner as you see it. I personally handed this letter to Grover and asked him if the letter was real. Grover remarked, "No comment."

It is interesting that Grover makes his claims six days after the incident and four days after Ms. Cieslik served the district with papers. Grover expects all to believe that after Ms. Cieslik, the vice president of the high school PTA, allegedly made this remark, he didn't think to call the police and he didn't think to mention this threat as he states in his letter, "in light of what has happened at Columbine and other places," at the executive session of the Board, which he walked back into after the alleged remark. This executive session was attended by the Superintendent, two assistant superintendents and rest of the Board. Certainly, if Grover had really heard this remark, even if he hadn't thought to call the police, Board vice president Renken or one of the other attendees would have had the presence of mind to call. Clearly, Grover didn't say a word when he walked back into the executive session. Mr. Grover should either publicly retract his statement or explain to the people he was elected to represent, the residents of the District, how his remarks are not illusional, delusional and libelous and slanderous and how his remarks weren't in retaliation and meant to demean and diminish the reputation of someone who is working to improve the District. If Mr. Grover can't think of a reasonable explanation for his six days of silence, maybe he can come up with an explanation on why he shouldn't resign. LILKER


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